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Rrebel a.k.a UnikKatil

This new group "Bloody Alboz" has just been herd by many rap listeners and fans, which is new to many people but you'd be surprised to know that actually the leading rapper "Rebel"(a.k.a Unikkatil) has been around for a while. Rebel started recording songs in 1992, ("Demokraci" and "Ta Zhdukim Policine"). At the age of 12 Rebel recorded his first professional song, it was called " Zinxhirët që s'kputen"(1993). A few years later (in 1995) a tragedy took place in his life, when his friend Dren Thaqi was killed by a train, thus fore dedicating a song to him titled Shpirti N'Paqë. A year later evident of Serbian abuse on Albanians by Serbian police in 1996 just a young teenager the emerging rapper was beat by the police forces, and thrown in a trunk of a cop car. In retaliation at such a young age the artist made a song titled "Vdekje Serbise". Even though this brave teenager was ready to play his explicit song "in which he includes" Serb cop names, radio "Selavi"(In Prishitna) staff feared the Serbian Authority about having gone along playing the song. During that time however his other song "Shpirtii N'Paqe" (recorded at Studio Zëri i Kosovës) was played at Radio Selavia from Prishtina quite a few times. Nonetheless "Rebel's" songs were pure Hip-Hop thus having explicit material and the Albanian community thought they were offensive and that was one of the key reasons why "Unikkatil" was not herd of. He could've chose the easy method of gaining fame and start making music that wasn't explicit but then that wouldn't be a truely Gangsta style and other rap groups were already engaged in keeping their lyrics clean. In 1996 "Unikkatil" got involved in some "Albanian Blood Feuds" after wounding a "Rival" and trouble getting deeper "Unikkatil's" family decided to move to Bronx (New York) a very heavily Albanian populated place in the US. In 1998 Rebel made a song with some ABI members titled "Albanians Rule"which was more of messing around-freestyle joking song. In the same year Unikkatil made another song "If I die U Die" which is seen by many Albanians as the greatest Western Style Rap by an "Albanian". Some of the members of the TBA(The Bloody Alboz) that rap are: REBEL a.(also)k.(known)a.(as) Unikkatil, ZEF, MIL, FAME, PRESIONI (raps in SHQIP only), POLO, ZEN and many more that dont rap. Also "Rebel" has just made a record label called CONQUEROR RECORDS, the official workplace (office and recordin studio). Unikkatil was the first Albanian rapper to ever curse on a song but nobody gave him recognition (thats why his back rapping in SHQIP to take back what's his). Unikkatil was the first to curse and he even encouraged other rappers back in homeland "Kosova", but no one was ready to brake the ice.

a.k.a Unikatil THE BLOODY ALBOZ

Rebel a.k.a. UniKKatiL

The man who mekes it all possible one of pioneers (since 1994) of Shqip Rap, the rapper/producer and C.E.O. of Conqueror Records (Bloody Alboz Entertainment) Rebel a.k.a. UniKKatiL from the Bronx New York. "Red & Black luv all the Shqipes and all the fans out there"

Leni Komentin Tuaj Per UnikKatilin